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Strategic and Financial Advising + Success Coaching focused on what matters most to you.

Fuel profitable growth: become more streamlined, agile, and cash-flow driven.

BashoffCFO goes beyond 99% of traditional advisors and consultants. We get your operations and finance teams working together – communicating, collaborating, and sharing vital insights. Our approach boosts productivity, cuts costs, and saves wasted time.

We blend our unique expertise in refining operations, cash management, and comprehensive planning with our unconventional training, coaching, and implementation skills, to anticipate outcomes and prescribe next steps for growth & long-term survival.

Our specialized services and personalized guidance are tailored to meet your specific needs and move you forward, faster:

Strategic Assessment

  • Needs & gap analysis
  • Dynamic cash flow forecasting
  • Organizational alignment
  • Workflow & processes
  • Scenario planning

Growth & Scalability

  • Accelerate billing & collections
  • Streamline operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Monitor leading indicators & trends

Cash Flow & Financial Performance

  • Profitability opportunities
  • Dashboards & modeling
  • Recurring & one-time revenue
  • Expense & waste reduction
  • Pricing/margin enhancement

Gain new insights with data analytics designed to find excessive spending, hidden patterns, lost revenue, waste, inconsistencies, cash flow leaks and trends. You get fast, effective, and sustainable results that have a direct positive impact on your revenue growth, bottom line, customer retention and competitive advantage.

Learn how to take control of your financial future in an unpredictable economy.

Enhance your decision-making capabilities with relevant, visible, measurable, and easier-to understand data. Discover what the data tells you and what actions to take quickly and confidently.

There’s no one-size-fits-all prescription for growth. With our financial and strategic advising and executive coaching services, you get a range of options to fit your budget and unique needs. We offer fixed monthly subscription pricing, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Let’s Talk

Our team offers both on-site or remote support, on-call and as-needed so you can uplevel your business today.