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We help CEOs get unstuck and cure the root causes of cash flow leaks and inconsistencies.

Gain vital answers to profitability challenges, reduce confusion, and seize control. Improve measurable operational results with dynamic forecasting and modeling.

Drive growth, cut waste, and avoid costly mistakes in your business.

Eliminate obstacles and execute your vision with greater confidence!

Strategic Assessment
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Cash Flow & Financial Performance

“Strong cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Manage it wisely to avoid wasting valuable time, wealth, and health. You will sleep better at night “
~ Saul Bashoff

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Meet Saul Bashoff, CFO, CPA, COO

Saul has helped hundreds of companies strengthen financial stability and liquidity. As a trusted ally and seasoned advisor to CEOs, Saul specializes in optimizing cash flow, revitalizing companies, and maximizing valuation across diverse industries such as e-commerce, manufacturing, specialty services, distribution and construction.

BashoffCFO delivers essential data-driven intelligence and guidance to radically improve your cash flow.


Discover how to multiply your revenue and profits while keeping costs and risks low.

Invest in what buys back your time and money
Run a leaner, more streamlined operation
Strategies rooted in short and long-term vision
Robust, liquidity-focused cash flow models
Challenge the status quo to conquer weaknesses
Actionable insights that ignite future growth
A Results-driven, client-tailored model
Relentless support, whenever you need it
Continuous financial & operational oversight
Free assessment and fixed pricing

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