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About BashoffCFO

Master your cash flow!

BashoffCFO has the experience and the tenacity to fix cash flow issues faster so you can reach your full economic potential.

Unresolved problems in finance and operations, that weaken cash flow, aren’t easily seen in standard financial statements. Our team addresses more than the symptoms of cash flow problems; we identify and fix the root causes with our unique system.

We’re passionate about providing exceptional client experiences and making your vision a reality, especially in today’s fast-paced environment with uncertain economic and market conditions.


We think differently about solving issues quickly, and will do what others can’t or won’t do. Our tools and techniques are organized, simple, user friendly and designed to provide high value to you.


90% of cash flow and financial hardships originate in operational inefficiencies, waste, and inconsistencies.

We work with your team to rapidly fine-tune your operations and help execute a productive, measurable and scalable action plan that boosts profitability.

The BashoffCFO team is led by Saul Bashoff, a CPA with extensive and diverse experience leading companies as the CFO, COO, and CEO.

Saul understands all sides of your business – sales, operations, and finance. He’s been in your shoes – making the hard decisions to keep a business running smoothly.

Our clients are motivated CEOs and owners of small, medium-sized, family-owned businesses, and growing start-ups, with revenues of $2MM-$50MM, who want peak cash flow performance, operational excellence, long-term sustainable growth, and greater ROI.

We deploy an elite team of cash flow experts, who adapt and adjust to each client’s unique and changing needs. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and dig into your specific business challenges. 

Let us help you get there. Start running your business so that your business doesn’t run you.

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Are you ready to take a bold approach, turn your business into a cash flow and profit-generating machine and reduce your stress?