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Why BashoffCFO?

We specialize in providing predictive, preventative, and time-critical solutions.

A trusted ally and seasoned advisor to CEOs, specializing in optimizing cash flow and business growth. We offer talent of full-time CFOs on a part-time or “fractional” basis – delivering immediate impact when you need, as you need, in an economical way.

Put Speed into Your Entire Organization. Simplify. Automate. Standardize. Execute. Innovate. Grow.

To drive your progress forward with urgency, we take a direct, hands-on approach – on-call or as-needed – that includes virtual or on-site training, strategy sessions with you and key team members, and a comprehensive organizational analysis.

The BashoffCFO Difference

The BashoffCFO team is led by Saul Bashoff, a CPA with extensive and diverse experience leading companies as CFO, CEO, and COO. Saul is a key advisor to CEOs, executive teams, boards and investors, providing guidance and support needed to meet their strategic objectives.

With a wealth of experience in the financial world and as an entrepreneur, Saul understands that the “why” behind stalled growth is often in the operations of a business. While most CFOs focus solely on metrics and financial reporting, Saul optimizes your business model by evaluating and refining the key components of your organization to increase operating efficiency and effectiveness.

Through his unconventional approach, he then aligns operations with finance and strategy, ensuring that all operational activities are in line with your financial goals and strategic objectives. An integrated approach to operations, finance and strategy better-positions you to improve your bottom line, accelerate cash flow, drive profitable growth, and compete in the marketplace.

Our clients have experienced improved cash flow and financial growth working with us to eliminate operational inefficiencies, waste, and inconsistencies.

A solid business foundation with continued long-term success brings you a range of benefits including financial rewards, opportunities for business growth, stability and security, and the freedom and flexibility for personal fulfillment. 

The BashoffCFO Story

Saul Bashoff, son of entrepreneurs, overcame a challenging upbringing in Baltimore City and grew up with a myriad of life experiences that have influenced the way he does business today. Saul thinks differently about how organizations establish a strong foundation for growth and resilience and does what others can’t or won’t do to build a high-performance business.

BashoffCFO was formed out of Saul’s drive, passion, and desire to help CEOs and business owners grow profitable companies and achieve their financial and personal goals; and was inspired by Paul Naden and Howard Bull, two highly successful entrepreneur mentors.

Let’s Talk

Our team offers both on-site or remote support, on-call and as-needed so you can uplevel your growth today.